Friday, March 13, 2015

Who is actually surprised about this SAE frat thing? Maybe less than will actually talk about why.

When the Oklahoma fraternity chant story broke I was loving this story. "The Side of the Oklahoma Racist Frat Story That Nobody Is Talking About"
Well now more people are talking about it, but the conversation is going way off the rails into talk about music.  Damn, they are good at deflection.  Now Trinidad James is responsible for racism?  No disrespect, but when I read he had a traumatic brain injury as a child I wasn't surprised.  I know smart people don't really believe rap is the cause of racism.  They do know it's a good way to get out of addressing your own responsibility.
This is where that colorblind BS gets you. 'Let's ignore historical atrocities and pretend these symptoms are the problem' delusions.  Now I guess we're supposed to sympathize that there's a backlash against them? SAE brothers at OU facing death threats, assaults, lawyer says
To me it's just about time people like this face the consequences of their actions.  It's not cool these days to be overtly white sheet wearing racist, but the dog whistle prejudice these days is just as bad.
No Black person I've come across has been surprised about this behavior.  We all know it goes on, but just tuck our heads, quietly march on through life until one of these incidents stops you cold and you absolutely have to face it.
The faux outrage is what's interesting.  I used to think the good folk just didn't know what went on.  Now I'm more inclined to believe the unconsciousness is self serving.  We're so conditioned (or maybe it's human nature) not to own your shit.  Of course we all do embarrassing things we don't want public, but once it's out there why not just apologize and do better?  We all know this isn't the first time this chant sporadically broke out on the bus...notice the girl in the video doesn't recoil in horror at this?  If I'm on a bus full of my sorors and a chant starts about hanging people, I think I'd at least look a little surprised.  Probably mouth a 'what the hell?!' to a friend.
I remember the warnings about not walking past certain frats when I went to college.  It's the extra layer we have to bear in addition to the watch your drink admonishment for  us girls. Somebody is going to be raped, do your best to make sure it's not you. Greek life is like church, one of our last accepted segregated institutions. We all know, it just IS.
If we want it to change, we have to acknowledge the problem.  Or the lack of one if that's how you feel, just stop pretending.

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