Monday, June 16, 2014

Can We Let Fathers Be Happy For One Day?

Every Father's Day I see a discussion bubble up about wishing single mothers a 'Happy Father's Day'. My mother was single for much of my childhood so I'm no stranger to the struggle, but I let Dads have their day.  When I was younger I felt differently, but ever since having a child of my own I've stopped robbing men of their day.  Role models of both genders are important for children.  Just about everyone has a man in their life that has stepped in to fill a father role at some point in their lives.  Acknowledging their role does not diminish the work of a single mother.  On the contrary, taking another day to rail on an ex or father who was not present just poisons the well. Deadbeats are easy to spot and your kids know who is there for them 100% whether they tell you or not.  Focus on the positive men around us and let their lives inspire others who have some work to do on themselves.  Whether that man is a coach, step parent, uncle, mentor, teacher etc., they deserve to be congratulated and celebrated for their positive influence on young people.  My husband and I have lots of those.  So while I did not speak to my biological father, I did have several people to call yesterday but my mom wasn't one of them.

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