Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Who are you and what is a Cultural Cloverleaf?

I started this blog for more space to talk about issues important to me related to race, class, gender, motherhood, marriage and all the other topics swirling around in my head.  My Facebook posts were getting too long for my poor friends, but I realized it's important to get all that out somewhere.  
I decided on cloverleaf because it so often feels like I'm at the intersection of so many positions but never quite fit just one.  The cloverleaf on a highway is where both directions of travel enter and exit, forming a clover shape.  Sometimes you may realize you're going the wrong way and need to exit and turn around, perhaps you need to stop at the exit to rest or meet someone coming from the other direction before continuing on.  That resonates so much with the way I see life.  I'm in the middle of working outside and stay at home parenting, somewhat liberal but conservative sometimes on political issues.  I'm outspoken but quiet; a feminist that believes wholeheartedly in marriage, a proud Black woman who sees the grace of God in everyone regardless of cultural background.  A somewhat crunchy person who still enjoys hot dogs and hamburgers.  (real ones not just vegan, soy, bean whatevers) I've started to see what we commonly refer to as race is really just a cultural identity. Biologically we're all more similar than different. Our country has become so polarized it's hard to talk about that kinda stuff in any one group I'm a part of, but I'm sure there are plenty of others just like me out there. There you have it!  Welcome to The Cultural Cloverleaf.  

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